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Leverset Mandelli

Mandelli's success is based on the way we mean our business: individual creativity and professionalism meet to create innovative and original products to make better the environment where we live. We deeply believe in our "Made in Italy" expression, of the Italian talent and manufacturing efforts appreciated all over the world.

We have very well defined ideas on aesthetic and fabrication, that leave space to no compromise: we are one of the very few companies that, in cooperation with the most popular interior designers, still manufacture their own products entirely in Italy. This is from the very begining of our fabrication: the raw material we use is fist quality Italian brass, melted and cast in our factory.

We pay our upmost attention to product finishing and quality control as well as to final packaging. We ship out the product to many places in the world. We do not only deliver a product, but a philosophy and a culture for a state-of-the-art product derviving from our Italian tradition for handcraftsmanship, but utilising the best technologies in the industry.