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These aluminium artistry with funtionality and durablity doors and windows are our passion. That’s why we insist on nothing less than perfection where they are concerned. Just tell us your requirement.

Then be prepared for a pleasant surprise when we provide you a solution which exceeds what you expected or hoped for.

AXS S-40
Folding Door System.
Technology from Italy.
  • Styling and intelligently designed to provide maximum opening access when the door is folding sideway.
  • Allow for widest panels in any possible configuration and the system will ensure that the panel will not come undone.
  • The art of creating flexible space.
  • Robust structure made from modular aluminium elements
  • Fully concealed hinges inside profile that givens the folding doors a highly attractive finish and also enhance security by preventing access to burglary tools.
AXS S-70
Motorized Vertical Sliding System.
Product from Italy.
  • Innovative design and quality engineering to fullfil all weather conditions.
  • Provide a wide panel (Max. 3500mm width) as wall combination deliver impenetrable degree of security.
  • Frame track have a special shape that ensure perfect seal contact in the presence of wind pressure.
  • Special hardware and mechanism combined with the robust traveling rail providing a smooth and silent operation.
AXS Sun Roof
Motorized Sliding Roof System.
Product from Italy.
  • Wide varienty of options for the final appearance of a construction.
  • Includes specially designed aluminium profiles for structure, wall fixing section, gutter and sealing strips.
  • Support glazing up to 25mm thick.
  • Motorized are functional by remote control.
AXS Pavilion
Interior Soft Motion Sliding Door.
Product from Italy.
  • Offering limitless functional applications in the widest variety of home and offereing setting.
  • An actual and real glass wall, with very light movements, that allows the light to flow from one into another room and to create an active subdivion on the habitats.
  • Designed for quality of life and peace of mind with stringent quality control standards.
  • A system which has been meticulously finished using only highest quality materials.
AXS Planus Cinque
Glass Door.
Product from Italy.
  • The essence of the Planus Cinque lies in the rigorous aesthetic concept that use exterior door and window frame technology.
  • Distinctive and contemporary designed with an eye towards timeless elegance not fashionable fads.
AXS Safetyline Jalousie
Techonology from Technal, France.
  • Innovative design and quality engineering come together to delicer impenetrable security, modern styling and increased functionality.
  • Featuring the widest louver window option available up to 1.4 metres.
  • Added with sound proofing and heat retention.
  • Ideal for both domestic and commercial renovations and installations and suit both contemporary and traditioanl building.
  • A choice in glass or aluminium.
AXS Sliding Door
  • Designed fulfills all weather condition.
  • Provide a wide range of shapes and panel combination.
  • Developed to provide a quality and low maintenance sliding door.
  • Offering the highest possible degree mechanism hardware to ensure efficiency and safety.
  • Available in EO modile, Comdor module.
AXS Swing Door
  • Engineered for energy efficiency and high performance.
  • Greatly reduce the amount of sound pollution, cooling loss and improve security.
  • Variety of hardware is available in various finishes and style.
  • Available in Lexus Module, Lexus-E module.
AXS Louvers
Louvers Systems.
Mechanism from Italy.
  • Designed to surpass the restrictions of traditional adjustable louvers window construction.
  • Utilize system which is aesthetically appealing, versatile and sustainable.
  • A wide range of colours to create visually elegant.
  • Designed and built exclusively to replace glass for maximum ventilation in your house.